The future of smart retail

With Betra, any space can be a checkout-free and autonomous shopping experience


Smart stores powered by AI technology


Uniting retail and technology

Betra empowers you to provide a seamless, personalised and efficient shopping journey to your customers. Welcome to a world where we spend less time waiting in lines and more time on things we actually enjoy.


Simple & Intuitive

AI camera technology recognises when a product is picked up and adds it to each customer’s digital cart. Once a shopper leaves, a digital receipt is issued immediately. No need for cash or a card and the journey leaves no carbon footprint.

Smart retail

Add value to your space

Betra units are designed and customised to your space. They become an extension of your business so they will look and feel like a part of your company further enhancing your brand image. Give your customers the shopping experience they deserve.

Experience the world

Custom Product Mix

Offer your patrons a range of delicious and healthy finished salads, bowls and cold pressed juices that have been carefully developed by our team of chefs and nutritionists. Whether your preference is gluten-free, plant based or flexitarian, you will find something to satisfy your taste.

Safety First

Safety is achieved through a contactless customer journey and an integrated payment system

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Data analysis gives you insights on customers preferences and shopping habits


An autonomous shopping destination promotes foot traffic and strengthens community

How it works
Fast, easy and efficient

1. Download the app

2. Scan your items

3. Walk out

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